Designing and Planning

We develop optimal, cost-effective, technically sounded as well as aesthetically good designs by understanding the conditions and scope of project. As we do understand Designing & Planning is a very important for any project to be executed successfully. We ensures there are minimum revisions in the design at later stages, that help us to adhere to the timelines of the project.

After Sales Service (Contracts )

Our involvement does not end with commissioning and handing over the projects to you, We take care of installations after commissioning also. We offer comprehensive maintenance contract which cover all labour and material as well as labour contract and operational contact to take care of HVAC system

Project Execution

Our aim is to complete every project absolutely hassle free in line with the scope of work and timelines. We deploy our in house quality protocols for executing the projects as per standard. We understand that execution of projects is a long-drawn process, impacted by many factors. so we hand-hold our customers and accessible to them every step of the way. Also we take care of all the HVAC systems through AMC contracts during and after warranty.

Material Supply

We supply all the materials as well as spares for all type of HVAC systems. All equipment supplied by us carries a 1 year warranty and we will be happy to send our technicians to your works to carry out any break down service. In future we will also service you with necessary spare parts for our systems.